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Workmanship is integral to Celtic Origins. We pride ourselves on having Australia's one and only collection of Celtic rings which contain no solder joins or interruptions to the pattern.

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What does this mean to you? Many patterned rings contain a join in the metal, this join is a weak spot where the ring may break. Further to this, rings with joins do not offer an authentic interpretation of Celtic design.

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What makes Celtic Origin's rings different? We custom make each ring to our customer's individual finger size. As all of our rings contain no solder joins we are able to offer a unique resizing service. Our method of resizing and the unique construction of our rings allows us to alter the size of a ring without the need to cut into it. The absence of a join in the ring allows the pattern to remain authentic in it's continuous nature.

Please see after care service for more on resizing.

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Australia's only Celtic collection of continuous rings with no join, exclusive to you
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